Pain of divorce

Pain Of Divorce

Husbands and wives are separating leaving children suffering from confusion.

Is it life destination?
Where love is no longer a beautiful thing to celebrate?
Fights are becoming extremely violent where blood is no longer a painful mistake but a daily bread

Where should we hide?
We wonder as we try to light up the spark lost between our role models
Sisters are dying from money schemes,
is it a way of survival as a child with no stable comfortable home?

Brothers in struggle of hustle where being oppressed is no longer a scar but a table to rejoice with peers!
Siblings becoming strangers of a bridge split into two
Who should we cry to?
Maybe slowly becoming a product of anger is a Bound fate!!

Social relations becoming mockeries being faced like meals in a quite family Christmas feast
Isn’t it depressingly devastating?
Who are we cheating? The system or eternal happiness?

That’s the case traumatizing the weak in this situation
There is no more touch like a dying rose in a garden of dry roots
Is it a dream? So painfully awake to reality being declared over-deceased

Karabo thee Poet❤💔😢

Author: Karabo Murifi

Thank you for taking your precious time to read this beautiful poem by our very own poet Karabo

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  1. Gsv Phoenix - Reply

    I’m in love with the construction and story line, basically work most on the flows and integration of words

    I must say I’m impressed ❤️

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