Author: Noko Katlego Makhwiting

The tree of liberty grows well when it is watered by the blood of the martyr
Happy Human Rights Day
We have rights,
The tree of liberty has grown
Because the blood has been shed.

Ge ke nagana morago keledi di a rotha
All the blood that has been shed,
All the innocent souls that have been lost;
Ooh, sharpeville massacre, ooh Langa massacre.

My people;
The anti-apartheid society
They marched, marched against pass laws
Or should we say dompass law
They fought for us to have rights;
Simply because we’re humans.

21 march 1960, I can still hear the sound of the gunshots,
I can still hear the cries of Bana ba thari ye ntsho;
Crying, begging for their lives
Taking their last breathes and losing their lives
For what? Was what they did a crime?
Did they really deserve to die like that?
I mean they were marching peacefully, weren’t they?

But then the apartheid police with their brutality shot them to death;
The pain in my heart, seeing those helpless bodies
Seeing those lifeless bodies lying there really tore me apart,
I mean;
They died, they died so you and I can have rights, simply because we’re humans.

Hahaha, this is not the time for us to be crying;
But this, this is the time for us to be rejoicing and celebrating
Celebrating the liberty they left us;
Indeed, lehu la hao le a mphedisa.

Here we’re today, we have constitution
We live in a democratic world;
Human rights have become our daily song
Everyone has the right to life, everyone has the right to education, everyone has the right to equality;
The life goes on and on
Have you ever asked yourself where we would be if it was not for those who lost their lives in the sharpeville massacre?

Hats down, salute
Salutations to the victims of sharpeville massacre
Salutations to those who fought against the apartheid regime;
Salutations to those who made the dompass law to disappear
Long live to the spirits of sharpeville massacre victims; long live.

Happy Human Rights Day!

N.B ge ke nagana morago keledi Di a rotha- thinking of the events that took place in the olden days makes me cry
Lehu la Hao le a mphedisha- one man’s suffer/loss is another man’s gain
Bana ba Thari ye ntsho-
Black children/children of Africa
We are free because of their death full video

Thanks so much for taking your precious time to read this poem and watch the video. The sacrifices made by the martyr of 1960 cannot be taken for granted

From Poet Katt

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