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Secondary Author: Phillimon Sefake

Self harm is most common between the ages of 12 and 24. Self harm is more common in females than males with this risk being five times greater in the 12-15 age group. It can also occur in the elderly population.

Depression is real, depression exist. How does one deal with depression in the world we live in? I believe you all have noticed that most people resort to self-harm, and why is that? I mean, their pain is inside right, and they can’t talk about it or share it to someone, so by self-harming themselves, they tend to feel a bit relieved cause harming yourself results in physical pain, a wound you can actually see and touch. It really pains me to see someone cutting herself/himself with a razor blade, you find others hitting themselves with heavy objects just so they can feel that pain, mhhm the world we live in, there are a lot of factors contributing to depression, failing at school, loosing a loved one, feeling unloved, relationship problems, financial problems, just to mention a few.

Depression has also been associated with self harm in adolescents; one study found that suicide attempts were four times higher in adolescents that smoke than those who do not. For example let’s take a look at young people who smoke nyaope/whoonga in South Africa. Just look at them and what nyaope did to them, they’re always on the street with dirty clothes, smelling, they can’t even bath. Their hands are paralyzed they can’t even work to better their lives. You can agree with me when I say smoking nyaope has also been associated with self harm. They harmed themselves by smoking that nonsense.

People harm themselves in different ways, this includes burning, self-poisoning, alcohol abuse, self-embedding of objects, hair pulling, bruising/hitting one’s self and drug abuse. Abuse during childhood is accepted as a primary social factors increasing the incidence of self harm ,most of the time factors such as war, poverty, and unemployment may also contribute.

Alcohol is a major risk factor for self harm,just picture all the people you know in your community who abuse alcohol and see how they look in a society. People who drink too much or those who smoke nyaope, weed, or cigarettes,may have no idea that they’re hurting themselves. They need a serious help. Furthermore, when drugs or alcohol are involved there can be an uptick of harming behavior with an increase in the possibility of severe injury. Many ER visits from self harm occur when the person has been abusing some substance and hurts themselves more severely than intended.

But then I believe if we work together as a country, we can beat this, there are support groups for depression, there are medications that actually help treat depression, so why don’t we educate each other about the symptoms of depression and try to help those people? One other major problem about depressed people is denial, they hardly admit that they are indeed depressed, so my advice to you is if you see someone close to you or someone you know showing the symptoms of depression, try talking to that person, try to get them to open up, suggest support groups, suggest getting medical help, together we can do more and save the world.

We’re here to support you and your loved ones through the process of getting help and starting recovery.

Support groups suggested

Contact: 0800456789
Contact: 0792357415
Contact: +27 (0) 117811852

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