Growing up hearing my mother saying ” bophelo bo boima bo nyaka kgotlello
I thought it was just a saying
Not knowing what she passes through, just for me to go to bed with a full stomach
I used to think that after school
A happy and better life chapter begins
That I will wipe away the tears of my struggling mother with a better life
That when you finish school you work then things change
I was wrong, I was wrong
We go to school hoping for better lives yet we become like those who never bothered to know what education means
We become jobless while the uneducated become rich why is life like this?
Why is it so unfair?
I sometimes looses hope
My eyes become filled with tears
And I ask myself, what does crying solve?
Then I tell myself I got to try
Even if I fail, let me fail after trying first
And I know that one day, I will put a smile on the woman who struggled with me since childhood and life will be better

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Phillimon Sefake is a Creative writer and a Literary scholar

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