I am writing this letter to you dad, knowing that you will never read it
So what’s the use of writing this letter
I am writing this letter with a painful heart
Because I know that you’re no more
You were a righteous, quite and caring man
May your soul continue to rest in peace
You set a good example for your children
I know your spirit is not dead, it’s only body that have died
We shall meet again in a new bodies and spirit
There will be no pains and no sorrows
And I shall not miss you again
You were a faithful man
If it was possible I would come there and pay you a visit
But the living cannot visit the dead
And the dead cannot visit the living
What is painful is you will never come back
I am the one who will follow your path after completing my chapter in this painful world
When the dead I rise I will be the first one to give you hug
And there will be no fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and cousins, we will be one and equal
According to the bible a man lives forever, the spirit of a man never dies
My pain will go away, the pain I have will fades away
When I remember you I don’t know if I should cry or laugh
Through you God made me, and I am what I am because of you
As long as I live I will never forget you
I thank God for giving such wonderful dad as you who give me life and opportunities
May your soul rest in peace dad

Author Notes:

If your father is still alive please appreciate him give him respect, honor and love for giving you life. And God will bless you and He will make you live long and be prosperous in this world.

To those who lost their fathers please never lose hope it is God’s Will and God knows why? Be strong and pray everyday. You can write everything you miss about him. Thanks for reading this poem. Stay safe and always wear a mask when you’re in a public places. Together we can fight coronavirus.

Author: Phillimon Sefake

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Phillimon Sefake is a Creative writer and a Literary scholar

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