Let’s face reality and fix our country and do not let the irresponsible men ruin it. I like to be honest with people even if I feel that my opinions might be hurtful to them. But truth is truth. To all men I have few questions for you?

Why you make children and run away?
Why are you so heartless?
You just make children because your friends are having children, why do you let children suffer for your sins? Just wake up from slumber and be resposive citizens.

They’re many children who are left with their single struggling mothers. In my opinion I think 90% of girls in South Africa have children without fathers and I fail to understand gore where are the fathers and I can feel the pain of growing without fathers. These useless men make children and disappear. They just go around and impregnate every girl they meet and run away.

My advice to every boy or man

Please if you impregnate a woman or girl marry her and grow your children together with love. Just imagine in the future our beautiful country will rule by the people who don’t know their fathers. How will they rule the country?
A child is not a toy to play, every child has the right to be loved by the father and enjoy the childhood. I hope all men are reading this post.

I have heard many foolish men boosting about have children with different women and they compete to each other but they don’t support those poor children. Those children are suffering and they don’t even bath when they sleep. Their fathers don’t even care they are sitting somewhere in the world drinking beer and chasing after girls. What’s the use of having children and let them suffer. Government try to help but R350 is not enough to support a child. For this sin men will answer to God and He will never bless you, you will suffer until you re-united with children.

Instead of doing many children with different women why don’t you make money, work hard to reach your goals and donate to make South Africa better and grow our economy. We can’t just sit and watch men destroying our country. And we can’t blame women on this matter. Women are under pressure that’s why they end up throwing their new born babies in the dustbins because men are nowhere to be found. Women raised children alone and after they’re killed by these useless men.

How can men be so cruelty and let the children suffer like this I mean innocent children. I can feel the pain of being a mother raising five children alone, while this boys or men sitting at the every corner of the street smoking matekwane ( weed). Men please tlogela gore nyefola maan……..

Thanks for reading and share this post to every man! Please be resposive citizen and support your children! Children are gift from God.

Author: Phillimon Sefake

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Phillimon Sefake is a Creative writer and a Literary scholar

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