Before I go into details about this topic, allow me to quote matthew 7 v 26
{26}” But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.” Said Jesus

Every man who abuse and beat his woman or girlfriend he’s like a foolish builder who built his house on sand. He’s a foolish man who doesn’t care and respect women. When you beat your woman you beat yourself because you beat the bone of your bones, and flesh of your flesh, the person who hurt his own body is a foolish and ignorant.

This festive season I am writing to all men in South Africa to stop this killing of women. Please stop killing mother nature’s, your job is to protect them not to kill them. A woman is a life-giver, so let’s protect our sisters.

Together we can fight this killing of women. If you see a man beating a woman, that man did not have a sister, if you have a sister you will understand how it feels to respect and care for women. In my family I have two little sisters growing up with them I have learnt many things, sometimes they used to annoy me to the point were I feel like I can clap them, but I’ve never done that, because I don’t want to hurt my sisters because of the brotherly love I have for them and I will continue to treat all women as my sister’s.

Women are facing many difficulties in South Africa, some are killed and thrown under bridges this is very sad. Most of this women are killed by men who claim to love them. This cruel men they doesn’t care about women they see them as objects to be use for sex. I mentioned earlier in my recent post ” the real truth about relationships and dating” that if someone cheat on you just walk away. Some men kills their women using cheating and lies as an excuse, that is nonsense no one is perfect even men cheat and lie. Some men drink alcohol to abuse and beat women at home that’s foolishness and selfish.

Let me remind you my fellow men, woman is a family, without a woman there’s no family. That’s why a man cannot live alone. In order to survive you need a woman to cook, clean and wash clothes for you. God said in the beginning, ” for it is not good for a man to be alone,” that’s true women are suitable helpers for men.

But you beat them
You kill them
You rape them
You hurt them
Remember a man is a leader, you’re born to lead and protect your woman. God created a man in his image to be a leader and lead by example. But now a man turned into a monster wild beast who doesn’t respect women anymore.

If you have been foolish enough just stop and think. Crime doesn’t pay. I beseech you my brothers stop killing women

Thanks for reading and share this post to educate young and old men. Cheers

Author: Phillimon Sefake

By admin

Phillimon Sefake is a Creative writer and a Literary scholar

6 thoughts on “Stop killing women”
  1. It’s so sad to find men abusing women, this is a timely post to takle this Gender Based Violence virus.
    Great post Phil. Thank you.

  2. Esther Moseamedi
    17 December 2020
    Well said Phillimon, real men don’t abuse women in any form, they respect them. Without a woman, there’s no nation.
    Together we can fight this. We need men who think nd behave like you, with that the world would be in a better place. Stay blessed

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