The coming of the darkest hour arrived
The last hour of her ninth month
Pains knocked at the door of her belly
And she was sweating, crying and bleeding;
With no one to share her pains
In her heart she knew, she had to do it
It was what she did
You can imagine the fighting
Fighting for the cry of the one;
In the womb to be heard in this world
Weak is how she felt, but fought
Bleeding, crying in pains yet she fought
Sello se ile sa kgihla
Lefase la hlabela ke seetsa
Modimo le badimo ba thakgala
Peu ya jwalwa
The fighting came to an end
The one she waited for finally came
Joy was what filled the life of a woman

Author: Kholofelo Matlou

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Phillimon Sefake is a Creative writer and a Literary scholar

5 thoughts on “The strength of a woman”
  1. Wow .we have good people to write mus
    Proudly pedi
    That’s so true
    Mara some ppl are still hurting this beautiful ppl.who brought everyman to life.

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