1. Generous woman

How hard to find a magnanimous wife;
She is expensive like a pure gold
Her kindness overflows with blessings,
She gives freely, and receive more
She wore faithfulness in her heart;
She doesn’t cheat to her husband
Everything she does; prospers
She is resilient, adaptable and loving
She’s not self-centered or unreasonable,
She’s always seeking the best for others
She hates pride and arrogance
And receive praise everywhere.

2. Why you recite my commandments

The Lord said to the wicked
Why you recite my commandments,
When you hate my instructions
You read the Bible;
And after you don’t do, what the bible has commanded
You hate what I, the Lord has ordained
The bible says; do not steal
But you steal,
The bible says; do not commit adultery
But you commit adultery,
The bible says; do not lie
But you keep on telling lies,
The bible says; do not cover
But you covet,
The bible says; do not murder
But you murder people,
” Why you recite my commandments “, says the Lord
” You shall have no other God’s before me “, but you worship idols “, says the Lord
You misuse his name to suit your human desires
” Repent or perish “, says the Lord.

Reference to Psalms 50:16

3. True Love

Honesty always come with success
Always telling the truth;
And never lie or cheat
Being honest in a difficult situation,
You can’t find true love in marriages
There’s no true love,
There are many marriages
Not the marriages of true minds,
Human lack love
They don’t understand the word love;
They are many obstacles connected to love
Love don’t hurt; but people do
Love don’t change; but people do,
And see things in different ways
Today they like you, tomorrow they dislike you
Ask God to give you perfect love, not people
Losing the person you love is something you’ll never forget easily;
Dishonesty is a weakest point in every relationship
It can separate lovers for good;
And causes divorce
It doesn’t matter about the situation,
When love is for real
No one can stand before it,
Love fights, love protects
And looks on at the violent storm;
Love shines, love never waste time
And never fools anybody.

Thanks so much for reading and I really appreciate it, God bless you and your family. Keep visiting the blog and enrich yourself. Ke ya leboga💯❤️😊🙏🤝

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