Author: Phillimon Sefake

1. Don’t smoke Nyaope

Do not make friends with drunkards
Do not associate with those who smoke Nyaope,
Or you may learn their ways
And get yourself ensnared;
It is foolish to smoke Nyaope
Nyaope makes young people steal.

Pay attention and listen to my sayings, my friend;
And apply your heart to what I tell you
Nyaope damages your mind,
And makes you slow and ill
And die at the young age,
Do not let your heart envy Nyaope
Keep your heart on the right path
Do not join those who use drugs too much
Because their lives is worthless,
For drunkards and those who smoke Nyaope become poor,
And drowsiness clothes them in rags.

Your eyes will see strange sights
And your mind imagine confusing things,
You will be like on sleeping on the high seas,
Lying on top of the rigging
They will hit you, you will say, ” I’m not hurt,”
Do not envy wicked men
Do not desire their company
For their hearts plot violence
And their lips talk about making trouble.

2. Youth of today!

They do what they want
They do what pleases them,
They don’t care about anyone even their own lives
You’ll see them in every corner of the street, dressed in a funny gear, swearing and smoking water pipe, shisha
Weed and alcohol is their daily bread,
Their music sounds like they’re in a pain;
I know that for sure, they will drive old people insane.

3. Boyfriend!

Pain is what you’ve brought to many women
Whatever you’ve touched has turned to distasteful,
Look at what you’ve done
You left many innocent children fatherless,
While you sit around somewhere in the world, drinking beer and chasing after girls to impregnate them and run away;
You coward boy friend, shame on you
I don’t know if I should call you a man or what?
Because you don’t deserve to be called a man!
I will call you a man, because you wear a trouser, but inside you’re not a man
You’re a salvage dog, who destroyed the lives of many children
How many children did you run away from?
Boy friend or friend boy
You’re cursed, you’re cursed

Author Notes:

Nyaope ( whoonga)
It is a fine powder that is usually combined with marijuana ( dagga) and smoked. It can also be snorted or injected. Ingredients may vary from place to place.

Side effects:
Clouded mental functioning, severe nausea, vomiting, awareness of pain can be suppressed, cardiac ( heart) is severely slowed down, sometimes to the point of death.

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