Author:Kholofelo Matlou

It was at night, Lethabo has just finished packing, preparing to go and stay with her friend in Johannesburg. Lethabo is a 42 year old woman living with her daughter Mohau in a small Village called Serokaneng in Limpopo. Mohau is a 16 year old girl who grew up without a father, struggling with her single mother in the village. The mother saw it best for them to locate to the City as she wanted to give her daughter the best life. She thought that moving in with her friend Dipuo would be better, little did she know that she was aggravating her situation.

As they arrived in a city, the mother took out the paper she wrote her friend’s address.
” Excuse me ma’am, I,m looking for this place,” the mother said to this young lady who was passing by, showing her address on the paper. The young lady replied, ” the third house from the one we standing infront of, is the one you’re looking for.”
” Thanks you so much.” The mother replied and she took her daughter and went off.

” Hello Lethabo, I thought you were lost! Please come inside, you’re welcomed.” Dipuo said as she went to open the gate for them.
” Your house is very big and beautiful, I never knew you owned this kind of the house.” Lethabo spoke as she moved around the house, surpringly.
” I have worked so hard to get where I am today, but enough about the house, how have you been?”
” Life has been so hard my friend, but I hope to get a job, and take my daughter to school so that she can have a better future.”

” Don’t worry, I’ll help you with anything you need okay?”
” You’re like a sister to me!” Let me show you, your room then make food for you to eat so that you can rest after.”
” Thank you, I appreciate it.” The mother took the bags then went with Dipuo to the room.

” Mom this house is very beautiful, and I like it.” The daughter said as she was hugging her mum.
” Let’s go to bed my daughter, I have to wake up early tomorrow. The sooner I start searching for a job, the better. I also want you to start school as soon as possible.”
” Thank you Mama, and goodnight.” They went to bed.

Morning came and Lethabo is already awake, preparing to go and search for a job.
” Mama, why didn’t you wake me up? You wanted to leave without saying goodbye?”
” Of course not my daughter, I was gonna wake you before I go. But since you’re awake, I want you to listen to me! Don’t go out till I come back. This place might be dangerous and I don’t want you to get lost or hurt, remember you don’t know anybody here.”
” Okay Mama I have heard you, I’ll stay inside till you come back. Good luck with your job search!”
” Thank you my daughter, please tell aunty Dipuo that I already left, be a good girl okay?”
” Okay Mama, bye bye.”

Lethabo went out and as she was walking towards the gate, Dipuo called her!
” Lethabo so you are leaving without saying goodbye? Come inside for a minute.” Lethabo went back to the house.
” I told Mohau to tell you that I already left because I didn’t want to wake you.”
” Noo I was not asleep, you should have come to my room before leaving! Anyway,I wanted to tell you that my boyfriend will be coming to stay with us for a while. Don’t be surprised when you find him here!”
” Oh, okay, I never knew you stayed with your man, otherwise I wouldn’t bother to come here. I hope my stay here won’t cause any troubles between you two.”
” Come on don’t be silly, I’ll handle that! Make yourself a breakfast and a lunchbox because you’re going to need it. Job hunting can be very tiring!”
” Thank you, please look after my daughter while I’m away.”
” Don’t worry I will! Go well.”
Lethabo left.

Few minutes later.
” Mohau come here.” Mohau rushing out of her room to where Dipuo was.
” I’m here Aunty.”
” Why are you sitting in your room alone? This is your home, okay? Feel free to do whatever you want.”
” Thank you Aunty, I want to bath first then watch TV!”
” Okay I have to go out, just remain in the house, okay? Your uncle will be coming to stay with us for a while so don’t be surprised seeing a man in the house.”
Mohau just kept quiet, looking unhappy.
” Mohau! Did you hear what I just said? Why do you look like you have seen a ghost? Are you okay?”

Noo, I’m……. i mean yes I’m okay Aunty, I heard you.”
” Okay then, let me go and bath so that I can go somewhere”
” Alright Aunty I’ll see you when you get back.” Dipuo goes to her room while Mohau remains where they were seated, thinking out loud.

” God! What will I do? I don’t even know how will I cope! My father left me while I was still in the womb, not caring about my mother’s feelings! He didn’t even want to know how I will look like! He hated me before I was even born to this world, and I hate him for that! I hate men! How will I cope with Uncle? What if he’s bad like my father? God help me.”

” Mohau! Mohau! Are you sure you’re fine?”
” Yes I’m okay aunty, just go out there and have a nice day.”
” I’ll be back after four hours, if you need anything just call me. Stay well.”
Dipuo left then Mohau went to bath.
Few hours later that day, Dipuo’s man opens the door.
” Excuse me young lady! Who are you and what are you doing here?”
” Please don’t hurt me! I’m here to visit aunty Dipuo!”
” Mmmmh I see, so Dipuo has a beautiful niece like you? Relax, I won’t do anything to you”
Mohau picks up the phone on the couch, trying to call for help.
” I just told you that I won’t harm you! I am your uncle, didn’t aunty tell you that I was coming? Just put the phone down and relax! Okay okay let me call her to prove that I,m harmless!”
Mike take out his phone then calls Dipuo.
” Hey, I just arrived at the house, where are you? There’s a girl here and she looks scared, I guess she thinks I’ll harm her”
” Please tell her to relax, I,m coming back now, just give her space, leave her alone, okay?”
Lethabo walks in.
” Mama you’re back!” Mohau runs towards her mother.
” Of course! Uhm baby I’ll see you when you come back, someone just walked in, I think it’s the girl’s mother!” He hangs up the phone.
” Good afternoon sir…….”
” Hello Madam, I,m Mike. I believe Dipuo has told you about me?”
” Oh yes thank you! I guess you’re the man she was telling me about, you’re welcome.”
” Yes yes thank you! Let me go and put my bags in the room.”
Mike goes to the room.
” Yooh Mama this man looks scary, I don’t like him at all.”
” Relax my baby, don’t let the anger you have towards your father make you hate other men, okay? Some men are nice.”
” Hai Mama not this one, he weird and I don’t even know how I will cope being with him in this house alone, all day.”
” Enough about him, I have good news for you, Mommy found a job and she’s starting working tomorrow.”
” Wow Mama that’s great! I mean, we will not suffer anymore! We’ll even get our own place and be far from this man.”

” Yes baby but we have to save money first then when we have enough we’ll move out. For now just be a good girl, okay? I bought you some cakes on the way, I know you love them.”
” Thank you so much Mama. And I’m happy you got a job, I’ll eat my cakes later, for now tell me everything about today.”
” Whoa take it easy my baby, let’s go to the room first so that I can refresh then cook. I’ll tell you everything later okay? Let’s go now.”
Dipuo walks in as they were about to go to the room.
” Hello hello everyone, how’s your day,how did the search go?”
” It went very well,you won’t believe it when I tell you that I got a job Dipuo.”
” Wow wow wow these are good news! Congratulations my friend, this calls for a celebration.”
” Wait, I still have to take a bath and change, then help with the cooking, besides your man is here so I’m sure you want to do some catch up with him.”
” Nooo today is your day, don’t worry about cooking, I’ll order some food. Mike is not leaving anytime soon so they’ll be a lot of time with him, Mohau my baby, what do you feel like eating?”
” I want burgers and chips aunty. I also want ice cream.”
” Hau Mohau ice cream at this time of the night?” And you Dipuo, I still have to go to work tomorrow, don’t forget.”
” Lethabo relax, few hours won’t hurt! Just go up and refresh while I place the order.”
” Let’s go Mohau.” Mike comes out to check what everyone is doing.
” Hey babe, I was about to come to the room after ordering food! How are you?”
” I,m okay! I heard you talking to your friend and laughing, and I thought you weren’t happy that I,m here.”
” What? Don’t be silly babe! I’m just happy that my friend got a job and I thought I should do something nice for her.”
” It’s only for an hour then I’m all yours.”
” Okay I hear you, no problem.” They hug each other then sit down. After a few minutes, there’s a knock at the door.
” I,m coming!” Dipuo goes to open the door.
” Hello ma’am I’m here to deliver food.”
” Hi sir uhm thank you for the delivery, Lethabo come the food has arrived!”
” Enjoy the food ma’am and have a nice evening!”

” Thank you, goodbye”
” I,m very hungry aunty, can we eat?”
” Haibo, relax Mohau, the food has just arrived and we still need to set the table.”
” Aowa Lethabo leave the child alone, Mohau come and sit so that we can eat.”
They sit down and eat.
” You seem like a nice girl Mohau, how old are you?” He’s looking at her with lustful eyes.
” Mike please leave the kid alone, you make her feel uncomfortable.”
” Uncomfortable how Dipuo? I’m just asking and wondering if she attending school, since they just arrived here.
I don’t mean any harm.”
” Uhm it’s okay aunty I’m 16 years old uncle, and mom is doing her best to save enough money for me to go to school.” And aunty is also doing her best to find one of the top schools around for me, happy?”
” Hau Mohau stop it there’s no need to be rude towards your uncle, apologize to him now.”
” Nooo nooo she’s not rude and there’s no need to apologise. I shouldn’t have asked her questions which makes her feel uncomfortable.”
” Aunty can I take my food and go to the TV room? I want to watch TV.”
” It’s okay my baby, go and watch it.”
” Thank you aunty.” Mohau goes to the TV room.
” I,m going to watch with you Mohau, if you need me, call me.” Lethabo follows her daughter.
” Mike see what you’ve done, there was no need to ask the child questions like that.”
” I said I’m sorry okay? I was just asking!”
” Well, you make them feel uncomfortable good job.” Dipuo follows Lethabo and Mohau.
” I’m very sorry for what Mike did, okay? Please be alright.”
” We’re fine Dipuo, we’re not angry.”
” Yes we’re fine Aunty! We just wanted to watch TV.”
” Okay I’m going to bed, please turn off the lights when you go to sleep.”
” Goodnight aunty.”
” Mohau I Know Mike made you feel uncomfortable but there was no need for you to be rude. Do you want your aunty to be said like that?”
” I,m sorry mama, I don’t want to make aunty sad so I’ll apologize to uncle Mike tomorrow and I promise not to be rude again.”
” Okay nana, let’s go to bed now, remember Mommy is going to have a long day tomorrow.”
” Okay mama let’s go to bed.” They switch off the lights and go to bed.

It’s 6am in the morning.
” Mohau wake up, I,m leaving now.”
” Yoooh so early mama?”
” Yes it’s 06 already and I have to be there at 7.”
” Okay mama no problem then, have a nice day at work.”
” Yes I will, don’t forget to apologise to uncle Mike.”
” Yes mom I won’t forget!”
” Okay my baby I’m off now.” She leaves the room and goes to the kitchen to take her lunchbox.
” Morning Dipuo”
” Oh hi Lethabo, you leaving so early?”
” Yes, you know how slow taxis can be sometimes so I have to leave early in order to make it there by 07:00.”
” Okay I understand, have a nice day at work, I’ll see you later.”
” Enjoy your day at work also.”
” I will go and speak to the principal of this other school today before going to work.”
” Okay, no problem, thank you so much for being good to us.”
” Don’t be silly, you would do the same for me if I was in your shoes.”
” Yes I would my friend, bye bye.” Lethabo goes out and Mohau comes to the kitchen.
” Good morning aunty.”
” Morning my baby, how was the night?”
” It was fine, uhm aunty where’s uncle? I want to apologise to him for yesterday.”
” Oh that’s sweet of you my baby, let me call him for you, oh here he comes.”
” Morning uncle I wanted to apologise for being rude yesternight, please forgive me I won’t do it again.”
” That’s why I said you seem like a nice girl, I forgives you.”
” Thank you uncle, aunty let me go and bath, I want to go to the mall.”
” Okay my baby, please be safe.”
” I will, and have a nice day at work.”
” Oooh she’s such a nice girl.”
” Oh yes she is, she is.” He’s looking at her in a bad manner.
” Mmh let me go and get ready for work.”
” Yah do that I’ll also go out to hunt for a job today.” Few minutes later Mohau is going out.
” Hao you not gonna say goodbye or something?”
” Oh I didn’t see you uncle, I,m going out will be back soon.”
” Mmh I can’t wait.”
” Uhm sorry? What was that uncle?”
” Mmh nothing, I said be safe.”
” Okay bye.”

Mike is talking to himself!

” This girl has a nice body but the problem is that she’s Dipuo’s niece. She’s still young and fresh. If I ask her nicely she won’t give it to me. I have to force it yes I have to, I Dipuo loves me so much and she’s scared to loose me so if this girl tells her, she won’t believe her. Let her come back and I’ll deal with her ”

At the mall, inside the store.
” Hello there.”
” Excuse me sir, my Name is Mohau not there!”
” Relax there’s no need for you to be rude okay? How could I have known your name?”
” Oh I’m very sorry for being rude okay? You’re right, you don’t know me so I shouldn’t shout at you.”
” Well it’s fine I understand that we can’t always be in a good mood, I,m Frank by the way.”
” I already told you my name. I,m pleased to meet you.”
” You’ve been holding those dresses in your hands for too long now, want help in making a choice?”
” No I’ll be fine.”
” I know I’m just a stranger and I understand why you not comfortable around me but please, I’ll help you you choose then leave you alone I promise.”
” Okay okay after that leave me alone.”
” Yeah sure, let me see…… aah take the green one.”
” Yoooh will this look good on me hao I doubt.”
” You won’t know till you fit it! Go and try it on. I’m leaving.”
” What? Who will tell if it suits me or no? You chose it for me so you stay.”
” Okay okay now go.” They laugh and Mohau goes to try it on. After five minutes she comes out.
” Tadaaa”
” Wow you look stunning.” Mohau starts crying.
” Oh, no did I say anything wrong, I,m sorry!”
“Noo just that you seems like a nice guy and I nearly judged you because of my father’s sins. Please take me somewhere quiet I’ll tell you everything let me pay for this.”
” Noo don’t bother, I’ll pay for you then we’ll go!” He pays then take her to a park.
” Are you okay Mohau.”

” My father left my mom pregnant, carrying me in her womb! Not caring about the damage he could cause! Not thinking about the health of my mother! Not even wanting to know how I will look like! That thing made me aggressive, it made me have this fierce anger towards men! We recently moved to this place and we staying with my mother’s friend and her man. The man makes me feel uncomfortable and unsafe. If I tell aunty she’ll think otherwise and might chase us out of the house then we’ll have no choice but to go back to the rural areas, where we come from. You know as I was growing up I told myself that I want nothing to do with men in my life then I met you! You’re kind but I ask myself if you’ll end up being like my father or not!”
” That’s very sad Mohau! I,m sorry for what your father put you through but not all men are heartless!”
” That’s what my mom said but I’m scared.”
” Okay allow me to be your friend then, then you can talk to me anytime and if I become like your father of uncle you’re free to leave me! Let me give you my number, whenever you feel like talking you can call me.”
” Thank you so much for your kindness.”
” It’s getting late now, let me take you home.” Mohau’s phone rings.
” Hello Mama I,m coming.”
” I,m at home and you’re not here! Didn’t I tell you not to go out alone?”
” I,m sorry mom I’ll be there now.” Mohau hangs up.
” Mom is upset I have to go.”
” Let’s go then.” They get into the car then drive off.
” You live in a beautiful place.”
” Yes thank you, I have to go.”
” Okay please call me anytime you need to talk.”
” I will, thank you for taking me out.”
” I’ll wait for your call.” Mohau gets off the car then enters the house.
” Where have you been?”
” I went to the mall mama, I,m sorry for coming back late.”
” Do you know how worried I was? Do you want to kill me?”
” Okay Lethabo stop it! She said she went to the mall and besides, she’s back safe isn’t she? Take it easy on her, don’t make her feel like a prisoner in this house, so Mohau how was your day, did you make any friends?”
” It was just fine aunty, I need to go to bed. Excuse me.”
” Okay you can go.”
” So you gonna sleep with an empty stomach?”
” Leave her alone Lethabo aah.” Lethabo leaves the food and follows her daughter
” Dipuo you’re spoiling this girl you know?”
” Not you too Mike please! I,m going to bed also!”

Mike talking to himself!

” So this girl has a boyfriend? It won’t be difficult to do my thing mos! I have to make a move fast. Let me go to bed. I’ll see her tomorrow…….
Mike goes to bed.

It’s 5am in the morning!
” Mohau my daughter, I,m sorry for shouting at you yesterday, I was worried about you!”
” It’s okay mama, I understand and I,m not upset, just that I went to the mall and met someone there. He took me to the park mama, and he made me look at men differently.”
” So it’s a guy! Mohau it’s a guy, you shouldn’t trust anyone you meet around here!”
” Relax mom this one is nice, one day you’ll meet him and see that I was honest about him. Look he even helped me choose this dress, then brought me back home.”
” You should be very careful.”
” I will be. He gave me his number but I haven’t called him yet.”
” Will you call him?”
” Yes I will mama, he’s so……so….”
” Hai stop it! Have a good day, I,m off to work.”
” Okay mama bye! I love you.”
” I love you too my baby.” Lethabo goes out.
” Lethabo wait, I’m going with you.”
” Where are you going this early Dipuo?”
” To Mohau’s school, oh I forgot to tell you that I have found a school for her! I,m going to fetch a list of things needed.”
” Oh wow Dipuo thank you so much, I,m happy.”
” I,m happy too, I can’t wait.” Mohau walks in.
” Yes my baby at least you’ll go to school like other kids.”
” Yes mom, aunty I met someone yesterday yooh what a nice and handsome guy he is.”
” Dipuo let’s go before it’s too late. Mohau can’t stop talking about this new friend of hers.”
” Okay baby when I come back you’ll tell me everything.”
” Okay aunty bye bye.” Lethabo and Dipuo goes out and Mike walks into the kitchen.
” Oh hi Mohau…. Your mom and aunty have left already?”
” Yes they have, I need to go to my room.”
” Aaah come on! You’re going to spend the whole day with me , you don’t have to be that boring!”
” Like I said uncle! I have to be in my room.”
” Does your mom knows you have a boyfriend? I mean I,m sure she thinks you’re still a virgin?”
” What are you trying to say uncle? And for your information, Frank is not my boyfriend.”
” Frank? So that’s his name? I see!”
” I don’t know what you’re up to but I will not tolerate your behavior!” Mohau goes to her room and she locks the door then calls Frank.

” Hello”
” Hey Frank it’s me Mohau”
” Oh hey, what took you so long to call me? I was thinking about you.”
” I need you I don’t feel safe around this man anymore.”
” Ooooh wait, take it easy and tell me what happened.”
” The way he speak and look at me, the things he says to me! Frank I,m scared.”
” Okay after my class, I’ll come and check up on you okay? Don’t worry, I’ll be there after an hour.”
” Okay no problem, I’ll wait for you!”
” Do me a favor just lock the door.”
” I’ll do that, bye.” She hangs up then goes to the kitchen.

” You have a nice body you know?”
” You need to stop that uncle! You making me feel uncomfortable.”
” We can either do this the easy way or the hard way you know?”
” Meaning? What are you exactly saying?”
” All I’m saying is you can just give it to me willingly or by force.”
” Give you what? What are you up talking about?”
” Your body dammit! I want it and I want it now!” Mike stood up and went towards Mohau.
” Uncle noo stop it! Don’t hurt me please!” She’s started crying.
” I won’t hurt you, I’ll do it slowly and nicely!”
” Uncle noo please.” Mohau ran to her room, but before she could lock her door, Mike was already in.
” Uncle I’m begging you please don’t hurt me!” She tried grabbing her phone but mark became very aggressive then slapped and took her to his room.
” Seems like you want it the hard way so I’ll give it to you the way you want it!” He started raping her. He was very strong and powerful, Mohau couldn’t fight him.
” It’s nice isn’t it? You wanted that stupid boy to have you before I did? You’re crazy.” Mohau kept crying and helpless.
Few minutes later!
” That was really nice! You enjoyed it didn’t you? Now listen and listen carefully! One word to your mom or aunt or that stupid boyfriend of yours, I’ll kill you all! And next time you better Co operate!” Mike went out.
Mohau went to her room crying, Frank kept calling but she couldn’t answer so he went to her house.

He knocks on their door and Mike opens.
” Yes boy how may I help you?”
” Hello sir is Mohau in?”
” Noo she isn’t! What do you want from her?”
” She’s my friend and I’m worried because she’s not taking my calls.”
” So you’re that stupid boyfriend of hers? Well maybe she found someone better than you! Maybe she doesn’t wanna speak to you anymore! Just leave!”
” But sir…..”
” Hey I said leave! Go!”
Frank goes and Mike goes to Mohau’s room.
” You better tell that boyfriend of yours to stop coming here or I’ll kill him. Get up and bath, your Mom is on the way!” Mohau goes to bath while Mike burns the sheets where Mohau’s innocent blood was shed.

Few hours later!
Lethabo opens the door and finds Mohau watching TV with Mike.
” Hello everyone.”
” Hello Lethabo how was your day?”
” It was good and yours?”
” Very good. Are you not going to greet your mother Mohau?”
” Oh hey mom, I didn’t even notice that you’re back, how was work?”
” Are you okay my baby? Mohau!”
” Yes I am mom, I am tired, I need to sleep.” Mohau goes to the bedroom and start crying.
” What’s wrong with her?”
” She’s been like this the whole day and she doesn’t wanna tell me what’s wrong, maybe it’s that stupid boyfriend of hers. You cannot trust boys of nowadays.”
” Let me go and try to speak to her”
” Noo just leave her, she’ll talk when she’s ready.” Dipuo walks in.
” Hello everyone! Why do you look sad Lethabo? What’s going on?”
” We don’t know what’s wrong with Mohau. She’s acting strange and she doesn’t want to talk to us!”
” Oh no maybe I should try to speak to her.”
” No Dipuo! Leave her, she’ll talk when she feels like talking!”
” I hear you but….”
” No but! Leave her!” Mike stands up and leave.
” What’s wrong with everyone in this house.”
” Hai I’ve even lost my appetite! Goodnight Dipuo we’ll talk tomorrow.”
” Goodnight Lethabo! Let me know if you not coping with her.”
” I will.” They go to sleep.
When Lethabo gets to the room she finds Mohau wiping her tears.
” Mohau what’s wrong? Are you okay? Were you crying?”
” Oh mom! Yeah I’m okay mom something was inside my eye so I was trying to take it out.”
” Are you sure? Then why aren’t you answering your phone? Is that your friend calling? Is he the one making you so sad?”
” No it’s not him and I’m okay! Let me switch it off.” They go to bed.

In the middle of the night Mohau wakes up and texts Frank.
” I need to see you tomorrow.” She wrote. She goes back to sleep again.

It’s another day in the morning!
” My baby wake up, I need to talk to you.”
” What now Mom? Okay I’m awake.”
” I’m worried about you. What is wrong with you?”
” I’m okay Mom please.”
” You’re starting school tomorrow, we need to get you a uniform.”
” Mom we’ll talk about that when you get back okay? I need to rest.”
” Okay be fine please.” Frank is calling and Mohau picks up.
” Mohau I got your text, are you okay?” Mohau keeps silence.
” Mohau please talk to me.” She starts crying over the phone.
” Mohau I’m getting worried now! I’m coming over!” Mohau hangs up.
Few minutes later Frank arrives at Mohau’s house. He knocks at the door and Dipuo goes to open.
” Hello ma, my name is Frank.”
” And how can I help you?”
” Ma I need to see Mohau, and I need to speak to her.”
” Whoa who are you? And how do you know Mohau?” Mike shouts toward the door.
” Babe who’s knocking at our door like a criminal? Oh it’s you? Didn’t I tell you not to come here again? Get out!”
” Mike so you know this boy? Well then I’ll call Mohau for you.”
” What? No Dipuo this boy must leave, Mohau is not going anywhere.”
” My boy, Mohau is not feeling well since yesterday, come in, let me show you her room maybe she’ll speak to you.”
” Dipuo you……?”
” No Mike not now please, maybe Mohau needs a friend to talk to. Let’s go Frank.” They walk to her room.
” Mohau please open up.”
” Go away I don’t want to see you.”
” But Frank wants to speak to you.” She opens the door and let’s Frank in.
” I,m off to work now, call me whenever you need anything.”
” Thank you ma. I’ll take it from here. I know she’ll feel better after speaking to me.”
” Okay.” Dipuo leaves and Frank locks the door and Mohau starts crying.
” Hey hey it’s okay. Shhhhhhhh just take a deep breath and speak to me.” Frank hugs her while she continues to cry.
” I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere, whatever is bothering you will eventually go away. I will help you get through it.”
” Frank……. Fr…….. Frank.”
” Take a deep breath and speak to me.”
” It has happened! What I always feared has happened.”
” Okay.? What happened.? Talk to me.” Mohau takes out the clothes with blood all over them and shows Frank.
” Oh God! What happened? No! No! Don’t tell me this is what I’m thinking! Who did this? I mean what exactly happened?”
” I tried to scream Frank but he hit me.”
” Hit you? Why and how.?”
” I was angry at you! I called you and you told I was scared but you were not available! I went to the kitchen and he started talking about my body, I ran to my room tried to lock the door but I couldn’t fight him. When I tried to call you, he slapped me, took me to his room and…….and…….. Frank he raped me! My uncle raped me.” She continues to cry.
” Oh God that man bastard did that to you? No wonder he chased me away that day when I came here! That’s son of a…… He’s a monster.”
” He then said if I talk he’ll kill us all.”
” Okay! Okay! Just wipe those tears away and smile for me okay? I know what to do! You’ll call your mother and tell her to come home immediately! Tell her you not feeling well! I’ll go with these clothes then tomorrow we’ll go to hospital.”
” Will I be fine? Will this go away.”
” Yes you’ll be fine, call your mother now.” Mohau picks the phone and calls her mom.
” Hello Mohau is everything okay?”
” Mom please come home immediately, I need you.”
” Mohau you’re scaring me now.”
” Please mom I need you.”
” Okay I’m on my way.” She hangs up.
” Okay I’m leaving now, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
” Let me see you off.” Thank you so much for coming.”
” No problem, I’ll see you tomorrow. Mohau closes the door.
” Hey didn’t I warn you to tell that stupid boyfriend of yours to never come here again?”
” So what will you do uncle? Rape me again? Well do it! Your day will come and your sins will catch up with you! You don’t deserve a woman like aunty! You’re a monster.”
” Shut up! Say those words again you’ll see what I’ll do!”
” What will you do? What more can you do! Mom is on her way, I guess you’ll explain to her why you’re shouting at me.” Mohau goes to her room.
” Okay, you’ll see what I’ll do to you.” Lethabo opens the door and goes straight to their room.
” Mohau! Mohau! What’s wrong.?” Mohau starts crying.
” Talk to me my baby, what’s wrong.?”
” Uncle raped me mom! He forced himself on me.”
” He did what.? When.?”
” Yesterday after you went to work!”
” That’s why you were acting strange yesterday! How dare he? Why didn’t you tell me yesterday?”
” I was scared! He said that if I talk he’ll kill us all.”
” Oh okay let him kill me now! Let him kill me.”
” Mom please sit down, let me call Frank first!”
” So he knows and I don’t?”
” He’ll help us mom.”
” Wait I’m coming.” She goes to confront Mike.
” Oh so you can’t keep your trouser zipped huh?” Dipuo walks in.
” What’s going on here.?”
” This beast! This bastard! This thing you call a man raped my daughter! My only daughter!”
” Lethabo stop it okay! Just stop it! How dare you make such accusations about my man? Oh is it because I’ve been too kind to you guys that you can now speak to my man however you want in my own place?”
” Ask her babe! How dare you call me a rapist in my own house.? Pack your bags and leave now! Babe they have to leave now!”
” It’s fine we’ll go! We’ll go!”
” Stop it okay! You can’t leave now! Tomorrow morning I want you out of here.”
” We’re leaving now!” Lethabo goes to her room.
” Go just go.”
” Mike! Did you do it?”
” Don’t tell me you believe that stupid girl over me.”
” I asked you a question damnit! Did you do it.?”
” Of course I didn’t.”
” Okay! Let’s go to bed.”

” Mom we can’t go now it’s late, Frank took the blood clothes to the police so let’s wait till tomorrow.”
” What if they don’t arrest him.? You know how they’re!”
” They’ll arrest him mom! Let’s sleep then we’ll how it goes tomorrow.” There’s a knock on the door.
” Come in.”
” Mohau please tell me the truth.”
” Aunty I don’t want to cause any trouble between you and your man.”
” Just tell me the truth.?”
” Just ask your man why he changed the bed sheets, the same day I got raped. Ask him why he even burnt them!”
” So he did it! How could he? I don’t know what to believe anymore!”
” I took my blood clothes to the station together with his under wear, you’ll soon find out the truth. Go to bed now.”
” Okay Lethabo please I’m sorry for asking you to leave the house. Please forgive me.”
” Go to bed aunty, we’ll talk tomorrow.” Dipuo goes to sleep on the couch, she’s talking to herself.
” Mike what have you done? How could you? Mohau is only a child, she’s like my child. How could you take away her innocence like that? No let this not be true!”
Early in the morning Mike wakes up and found himself sleeping alone on the bed.
” Babe, babe where are you?” He finds her on the couch.
” Babe you slept here.? Why would you do that.”
” I needed to think Mike.”
” Think about what? I told you I did not do it. Are they gone already?”
” No they’re still here.”
” Why.? What are they still doing here.?”
” I asked them to stay, I need to get to the bottom of this in a right way.”
” I guess you’ll have to make your choice then. It’s either I go or they go. You choose.”
” Mike! Mike don’t do that!”
” Make it snappy, I need to know where I stand.” He goes back to bed.
” Oh God what kind of a man is this.? What will I do now?”
” Dipuo are you okay.? Did you sleep well.?”
” Lethabo I’m worried Mike told me to choose between you and him I’m confused.”
” I guess we should start parking then.”
” No wait for another day please.”
” Mama! Mama, oh morning aunty, I’m off to the clinic the police want the report.”
” Okay let us change then go with you.”
” No aunty Frank will take me there.”
” Your boyfriend is a good guy indeed.”
” He’s not my boyfriend aunty, he’s just a friend.”
” Okay come back home early please.”
” I’ll bye bye.”
” Hai Lethabo I’m very scared. What if he did it!”
” Then you’ll know he’s not a good man for you, let me go and bath.”

Later that day, Mohau comes back with the report.
” Okay where’s the report Mohau.”
” Here it is aunty.”
” So it’s true you were raped.” She starts crying.
” It’s okay aunty!”
” How can you say that you were raped.”
” Yes I know but Frank is helping me to heal so I’m fine.”
” You’re such a nice young man Frank.”
” I’m helping a friend out Mama.”
” You know I thought you came to destroy my daughter’s life but I was wrong.”
” Mama.”
” What? I’m being honest.”
” Your daughter is a good person too Mama.”
” So what do we do now my children.?”
” The police will come to arrest him tomorrow, don’t make him suspicious because he’ll run away.”
” I can’t believe I’ve been living with a beast thinking it’s a man.”
” It’s okay Mama I have to go now.”
” Let me see you off.” They go and chill inside Frank’s car.
” Frank thank you so much for helping me out. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I don’t even know how to thank you.”
” Be my girlfriend.”
” Wait, what.?”
” I love you, okay? I’m helping you out because I want you to be okay so that I can marry you.”
” I thought you wanted to be my friend.”
” That’s what I was to you in the beginning but I started falling for you. You became a part of me and I don’t ever want to loose you.”
” I,m still young and victim of rape.”
” Being a victim of rape doesn’t stop me from loving you. And I know you still have to go to school finish matric and go to varsity. I want to be with you every step of the way, please accept my offer.”
” You’ve shown me nothing but love! You even changed the opinion I had about men, so yes I accept and I love you too.”
” Thank you so much. You won’t regret giving me this chance.”
” I trust you let me go now.”
” Okay bye, I’ll call you when I get home.” Mohau goes back to the house and Mike walks in too.

” So you guys are still here.”
” Mike I thought about what you’ve said and I chose you.”
” I knew you wouldn’t let this stupid girl destroy our relationship babe.”
” Yes so tomorrow morning they’re leaving!”
” Good! That serves them right! I’m very hungry, what are we eating.?”
” I’m about to cook now, seat down and relax!”
” Okay babe.”
” Hai let’s go to our room Mohau, let’s go and park our bags.”
” Yah go! By 5 am tomorrow you’ll be out of here.” Dipuo gets busy cooking. They eat then go to bed. Dipuo wakes up in the morning and go to Lethabo and Mohau’s room. She opens the door.
” Hao Mohau why are you up at this time of the morning.?”
” She’s has been talking to her boyfriend since last night.”
” Hai Mama I have slept enough and besides today is a special day for me! My rapist will finally be arrested and I’m going to fit my uniform with my loving and caring boyfriend.”
” Who would have thought that you will have a boyfriend at this age.?”
” Mama Frank has helped me a lot. Imagine what this rape case would have done to me! I would have been traumatized or even committed suicide but he saved me from all those things. He showed me nothing but love! So I appreciate him.”
” You’re indeed in love.”
” Let me be aunty.” Mohau’s phone rings.

” Hello Frank.”
” My love the police are on their way so get ready.”
” Okay we’ll, aunty the police are coming.”
” Let me go and change.” The police knock on the door.
” I’m coming.”
” Hello ma’am.”
” Hello officers how can I help you?”
” Ma’am we’re looking for mr Mike Sehlageng, is he in.?”
” Yes he is…..uhm Mike you’ve visitors.”
” Visitors? I’m coming.” He comes out of his room.
” Oh shit!”
” Mr Mike you’re under arrest for raping Miss Mohau Shokwe!”
” What the hell! I didn’t rape her! Babe tell them she’s lying!”
” You’ve the right to remain silent, anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.”
” Babe tell them, you’ll pay for this young girl.”
” Shut up Mike! Just shut up! I can’t believe I’ve been living with a monster! A criminal in my own house four years. I mean four years loving and taking care of you and this is how you repay me? I wish you rot in jail for doing this to Mohau.”
You’ll pay for this! I’ll kill you all.”
” Go man! Get in!” The police grabbed and threw him inside the car and drove off.

” Aunty are you okay.”
” Yes I’m okay my baby.”
” Don’t worry, aunty will be fine, I’m here for her.”
” Okay then if you say so, Mom, aunty today I introduce my boyfriend to you. His name is….”
” Frank.”
” So you already know him.?”
” How can we not know him when you talk about him everyday?”
” Haaa aunty!”
” Am I lying Lethabo.?”
” No you not Dipuo my daughter has found love at a young age.”
” Mama stop it now.”
” I love her too Mama and I will take care of her.”
” We’ve seen that already.”

” And just the other day Frank wanted to propose to me, imagine being a wife at this age.”
” You can’t blame him for being in love.” They all laugh.
” Let’s go before Mom and aunty call a pastor to get us married now.”
” That can be arranged fast fast.” They continues laughing…….
” We’re leaving now.”
” Enjoy and bring her home early.”
” But Mom…..”
” Hei you’re still a child to me.”
” I’ll bring her back sooner than you expected.”
” Bye bye mom and aunty.”
” Mohau has grown yooh.”
” Don’t say friend.”
” Let’s me make a tea so that we can talk about the old good times.”
” Make it fast my friend.”
They laugh.

The end!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for reading this Short story, it has christian values like love and marriage.

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  1. Wow.. just wow.. I only wish the story could continue.. Am truly speechless, such a wonderful, eye catching, mouth watering story I have read in a while.. the context and drama nd not forgetting the emotions expressed there really caught my attention..

    Thank to very much kholofelo☺

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