Author: Kholofelo Matlou

Her Motto: Believe in yourself and exhibit your talent!
: Remember anything is possible, only if you are determined!

Once upon a time in a small village, far from the smell of the city’s polluted air, there lived a girl whose name was miracle. Her family was very poor and critised by the people of her community. She stayed with her poor widow mother and the little brother. Things were very hard to a point that she couldn’t afford to go to school anymore.

You can imagine the pain of seeing other kids going to school, while you had to stay behind and look after your mother and sibling. She would wake up everyday, do the house chores then went to the park, where she spent most of her time writing. All she ever dreamt of was being a writer and she had faith that one day things will turn around.

There came a day when she went to the park as usual and the saddest thing happened. She saw a group of girls coming towards her, laughing. Then one of the girls said;
” You idiot! Instead of doing something that will help you out your poor family, you busy writing meaningless things which will not get you anywhere. Are you not tired of your low life standard?” Well I can’t blame you, I mean you’re very poor and the village is where your life will end at!”
Tears began to drop from Miracle’s eyes as she was hurt but looked at them in a brave and confident way, then she said:

” My condition doesn’t determine my future, where I am now, is not where I will be in the next coming years. You can mock me however you like, I,m fine with that. But one thing you should know is that, you can never destroy the talent given to me by God, I am the seed, I will grow and spread out.”

” Listen to the rubbish you keep uttering from your mouth! I feel sorry for you. It’s a pity that you dream big but you can’t even afford to go to school. Did you even eat today? I bet you even go to bed with an empty stomach, because your momma can’t even afford a mere bread!” One of the girls mocked her, and they laughed.
Miracle stood up, and took her books then went home.
” Mom, are we the only family that is poor in this world? Why are we treated this way? People speak ill of us! They even laugh at us! Is this the kind of life we’re destined for?” Miracle asked with her eyes filled with tears.

The mother didn’t even know how to answer her daughter’s questions.
” My daughter, the pains we feeling today, can never be compared to the joy that is coming! Remember that no situation is permanent. One day we’ll look back smiling, thinking of how far we have come.” The mother replied.

She continued with her questions.
” But Mom why do people think that being a writer is useless? Do you think God would give me something that is not suitable for me?”

Looking at her child in a calm manner.
” She replied, I believe in you and whatever makes you happy, makes me happy too. Remember that your future is in your hands so don’t let people make you think you are good for nothing. From tomorrow onwards, you will go to school. I will sweat for you to become successful.”

The girl took her book and began to write.

Morning came and the girl was very happy to go to school. The mother was even happier to see her only daughter going to school, hoping for a better life.

Then one day something amazing happened. As Miracle was busy entering competitions with her phone, it rang and she answered.

” Hello young lady, you’re speaking to Jenna Hendricks from International Upcoming Writers Company. I called to inform you that we received your work and we are pleased with what we have read so far. We would like to have you as part of our team.”

Miracle was speechless, didn’t even know what to say.

” Hello, are you still there?” Jenna asked.

Miracle answered;
” I thank you so much for the opportunity you granted me. I would really love to join your team and show my capabilities to the world.”

” We’re very happy and also proud to see a young lady like you doing great things like these. Your work is very inspiring, we will keep in touch with you. Have nice day!” Jenna answered.

Miracle looked at her mom and cried.
” Mother! Today is the special day of my life. If it wasn’t of your support and love, I wouldn’t be here today. Just when I thought a poor child is not worthy of great things, this happened!”

From that day her life changed and she became the first top writer in her village.

Motivation: Never limit yourself for as long as you still breathe!
Never think that something is not meant for you!
Never let your current situation make you feel less

Thanks so much for taking your time for reading this inspiring short story. I hope it will enrich your life and start believing in yourself. Everything is possible for you that believes. And let’s stop looking down at others because of their background or level of their families. Let’s respect and value each other, and help one another to reach our goals. Thanks so much for reading. Cheers!!

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