Author: Kholofelo Matlou

My Motto: Believe in yourself and exhibit your talent!
: Remember anything is possible, only if you are determined.

It was on one of the winter cold nights, worried and scared she was. Wondering where the husband could be. Then suddenly there was a knock on the door.

” Who is it?”
She asked in a terrified way thinking it could be someone coming to harm them.
” Open the door!”
The husband answered in an angry manner. Relieved she was, going to open the door for the husband.
” How many times do I have to knock here?”
” Have you suddenly become deaf that you can’t hear me knock.?”
He asked going towards the lady.
” I was scared and……..”
Before she could speak further he started beating her.
” Daddy,daddy stop it, you’re hurting her!”
The son yelled trying to save his mom.
” This woman is disrespecting me, see I am the head of this house.”
He said as he continues beating her.

He left the woman lying there, crying and helpless and he went out again. The son is 15 years old and there is nothing he could have done to save his mother.
” Mommy, Mommy please don’t cry, call the police for Papa! You can’t live like this forever.”

She looked at him with eyes flooded with tears and she said,
” My son, one day you’ll grow up and marry. Then you’ll understand what is love.”
She stood up took the boy and went to bed. Night passed and morning arrived. The head came back home. He went straight to his wife and knelt down.
” I’m so sorry for what happened yesterday, I was drunk and not thinking straight.”
” Please forgive me, it won’t happen again.”
And just like that, she forgave him, forgetting that it’s not the first time she gets beaten by him.

Bare Khudu ga e lahle legapi la yona. It didn’t even take him long to repeat the same thing!
” Mom you need to do something, I don’t want you to die!”
The boy said with a broken heart, crying for his helpless mom. She looked at him and said,
” This is the kind of sacrifice you make for love!” The boy shouted at her.
” So it means daddy doesn’t love you then! Otherwise he wouldn’t treat you like that, He doesn’t love you, us mom we need to leave.”

” Stop it!”
” Shut up!”
She stood up, went to the bathroom and wrote a letter.

” My dearest son. By the time you get this letter I’ll be gone. I want you to know that whatever I’ve been doing was not because of love only, but for your own good. It hurt to know that I won’t be there when you grow up and getting married but don’t grow up hating your dad. He is still your father so forgive him for everything he’s done so that your Mom can rest in peace. I love you so much and will always be here with you, Goodbye!” As she took her own life.

The father came back from work not knowing what has happened and found the boy crying.
” What’s wrong my boy?”
” And where’s Mommy?”
“I have good news for her. I want you guys to know that I have decided to change and quit alcohol. I even spoke to the pastor about helping me and he agreed to help, so stop crying all is well.”
The boy looked at him filled with anger and pain and he said,
” She spoke about love! Love that has left many souls in body bags! Love that has left many children without mothers! What kind of love is that? What exactly is love? Today the same love has snatched my momma from me!”

” What are you talking about?”
” Where’s my wife?”
” Where’s your mother?”
He asked going to their bedroom.
” Today you Know that she’s your wife?” Take that letter on the bed and read it! You are heartless Papa.”

” Ooh no what have I done! My carelessness has taken my wife from me! What have I done? My son is an orphan because of me, and I am without a wife! Son forgive me please!”

” Forgive me! I hate those words. Momma always forgave you but you carried on maltreating her and now she’s gone. I’ll only forgive you because she said so and I want her to rest in peace!”
He said wiping the tears on the father’s face. And from that day he changed and became a better person

Taking Notes:

Never sacrifice your happiness for love
Never sacrifice your fun for love
Never sacrifice your freedom for love
Never sacrifice your inner peace for love
Never sacrifice your personality for love
Never sacrifice your feelings for love
Never sacrifice your dreams for love
Never sacrifice your beliefs for love

This story has touched my heart and hope it will touch yours too. Thanks so much for reading this story it’s very touching. Share it with friends and family and let’s keep supporting Kholofelo by sharing her work. God bless you. You are blessed.


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