Author: Kholofelo Matlou

Her Motto: Believe in yourself and exhibit your talent!
Remember anything is possible, only if you are determined.

After reading her poems I come to realize that they’re many fresh talented writers, who have ability to write and show the world what they’re are capable of. They just need a chance to grow and share their writing talents with the world. Let’s give fresh writers a chance to promote their work. Kholofelo is a young, ambitious and talented writer who wants to promote her work and become published author. That’s why I decided to publish her original poems on my blog to show the world what she’s capable of. please support her work and share her poems with your friends and family. And I hope you people who are working in publishing industries you will make connection with her.

Her poems will speak to your soul
I will share with you samples of her best poetry

Here we go:

1. Waste Of Time

With a bleeding heart
Sadness disguised as mirth
Hoping to find love
Love that has once left me a wearer
A wearer of a blanket covering pains and sorrows
I sit here in abhorrence looking at the afterglow thinking
Am I wasting my time away.

Searching for something to make me better everyday?
Do I have to listen?
Listen to what has already being made?
Listen to what has already being said?
It’s almost midnight and I’m like an autocrat ready to abdicate
Will it be right to do?
Will it make me rejoice.?

Bare Boshego ke legonyana gomme masa ga a loiwe
Ooh noo for how long will I wait?
Wait for that joy to fill my heart?
Then I kept hearing voices saying
“kgotlelelo e tlisha katlego”

The concept of never give up felt troublesome too as I defer and demur
And when the days ends
I realize I wasted my time
I wasted my life
Waiting for something that never existed.

2. “So they said”

So they said that I’m weakling
Will never be able to get out of this acidic situation
So they said
Covered in abhorrence
That I’m far from achieving my goals
And I won’t prosper
That I’m addled in adversity
So they said
what do you say?

Oh no stop it
My love stop it
Don’t abate
Be stronger

Don’t let them acidity your life
Stand up and take that crown
Be the arbiter of your own life
Don’t let the achilles’s heels be seen
Abolish the saying, reverse the curses
Accomplish the goals
Look up to God
The unchangeable changer
The salvation specialist
The sweet smelling saviour
He will take you from zero to hero
He is the accoutrements
And you shall succeed.

3. ” I should have killed you”

You came as an acid rain
And killed the seed planted in me by He
As a thief and stole the peace that kept the pieces of my body together
I should have killed you

Day passed and night came
As I tossed and turned
Conceiving and confused
Thinking of how to eliminate you
Thinking of the time I had a chance to kill you but I didn’t?
Why did I spare you?

You made me hopeless and helpless
Put me in a hellhole
And I became one without a voice
You are a monster, an accomplice

Bare tloga tloga e tloga kgale
Modisha wa kgomo o tswa natso, shakeng
I should have killed you
When you were still weak
When you were still knocking, asking for a place to stay
But I let you spread, accelerate
And you accelerated like a thief running for his life
Assassinated the goals
Shuttered my dreams
Destroyed my plans, my thoughts
Indeed, you are the beginning of failure.

4. ” My Home”

It is a very small place
Fits exactly in the palms of my hands
And in the pool of my eyes yet
Comfortable and warm
The walls tell stories as they soak up what we do and say
It is the most beautiful and enchanting place
Far from the city’s dust and heat
Where I let happiness thrive
Where I say goodbye to gloom
And let love bloom
Where memories are formed
My home is a place of love and laughter

The humming birds come to the window still
And pour out melodies
Melodies which heals the heart and soul
Better than treasures brought from Italy
My home is the safest and peaceful place

Biography of Kholofelo Matlou

Kholofelo Matlou is a 24 years old focused and determined young lady from the rural area Ga-mashashane. Writing has always being her passion since from an early age but growing up in rural areas as a lonely and quite girl who hated to be around people, limited her from exploring, from getting support and opportunities to be recognized by the world. Then one day she asked herself, ” why she hide what the Almighty has blessed her with?” What if she wake up one day and realized that He took what He gave her and she will never have it again. ( talent to write) That’s when she started writing and tells herself that it’s time to get out of the hiding place. It’s time to show the world what she’s capable of and also to inspire the upcoming writers who are going through the same path she went through. She realized that without challenges there’s no success.

Her contact details:

Cell number: 081 072 6259

Email address:

Thanks so much for your time and consideration for reading this!
please support this young and talented poet in her writing journey
William Shakespeare once said, ” It’s hard at first, but once you get the feel of it it’s simple.


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