Follow The Golden Rule

When we look in the Bible old testament God made a law concerning injury to people through Moses, the purpose of this law was to make the people of that day to ” FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE.” This kind of laws are not applicable to us today.

Whoever strikes someone and kills him must be put to death. [ Exodus 21:12]

You can see that God hates evil.

[14] but whenever someone becomes so angry that he plans to kill his neighbor, you must take him away from my altar and put him to death. [15] whoever hits his father or mother must be put to death. [16] whoever kidnaps another person must be put to death, whether he has sold the kidnapped person or still has him. [17] whoever curses his father or mother must be put to death.

[23-25] if anyone is injured, the offenders must pay
A life for a life
An eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth
A hand for a hand
A foot for a foot
A burn for a burn
A bruise for a bruise
A wound for a wound

Today this laws are no longer in use, but God is still strict and he want us to respect one another and live in peace,never denied Justice to others. Avoid telling lies, don’t kill innocent or honest people. Never take a bribe, because bribe blind those who can see and deny Justice to those who are in the right and never oppress the foreigners.

Follow The Golden rule, do unto others what you would like others do unto you. Sometimes life gives us practical lessons, just imagine if someone comes to your house and tells you how to treat your woman and how to run your house or open your fridge without your permission. What you don’t like never do to others as well.

The Golden rule state that, if you don’t want your things to be touched, Don’t touch other people’s things also. Because this is not fair we all value our things so we should treat them the same. If you value each other and follow the Golden rule the world will be safe to live in. The reason why people kill each other is because they don’t value each other.

People will continue to hate each other. That’s why Solomon said in proverbs, ” Don’t visit your neighbor too often, because they will get too tired of you and hate you. This is true if it’s you you will do the same. The Golden rule make you to care of other as you care for yourself.

When you visit people just behave and wait for them to give you something. Protect your reputation and don’t be cheap. What you don’t want others do to you, why you do them? They say, ” a good way to change someone’s attitude is to change yours, because the same sun which melts the butter harden the clay too.”

Life is not always smooth and soft, there maybe narrow ways up and down, darkness and shadows overcome everything with wisdom and patience.

Darlene Turner wrote: ” can you imagine what a beautiful world this would be if everyone followed the GOLDEN RULE and treated others as they wanted to be treated regardless of how they actually are treated? Can you imagine the love between all men.”

What you give is what you get, some people treat others badly and expect to be treated like Kings and queens.

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