Everybody hates the truth, nobody wants to hear it. Families and relationships are build on lies and deception. When I ask this question to one of my friend, ” WHO LIE A LOT BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN,” he told me that “BOTH” men and women lie. And there’s no better lies and that is true, there’s no such thing as heavy lies and light lies. Lie is lie. I can see you’re smiling right now, because you know that sometimes you lie to your partner, right? And you know that nobody is perfect.

The truth is men and women are not faithful to each other. Everyday women are killed by their own partners. No one can wake up and decide to kill a woman. That will never happen, if you go to prison and ask men who have murdered their women, and ask why they did that they will tell you that they never had a plan to kill them. But they were cornered and pushed to do it. And I think most men who have killed their women are good guys. I,m not saying that what men are doing is right, but let’s face reality and investigate both stories. Because cheating and lies breeds violence and violence breeds murder.

I know they says, if someone cheat on you just walk away, the sad truth is not everyone will walk away, others will kill each other. Many women use poor men and after dumped them. I repeat sometimes women are cruel and selfish. A man can do anything for a woman, I mean anything she asks for and after that she dumped that poor man easily like he did nothing to her. That’s why men get angry and do cruel things.

NB: men stop buying women gifts because you buy love from them
When you buy women gifts do it out of love not as buying someone
Don’t count things you do for her

I think our government must stop irritating men imposing the rules and tells them they must stop killing women and shout everyday on SABC TV and radios. That won’t help it will never stop men to kill their women. What our government should do to stop this killings is TO EDUCATE WOMEN.

They must educate women and warn them about consequences of cheating and lies. Women must stop using men and after tells them that they are fools and dogs. If you says, a man is a dog, yes that dog will bite you and cry for help. Women must respect men, don’t say yes to a man because he drive BMW or Polo. Some women when they see that a man is after them they take advantage and use a poor man. While government is shouting don’t abuse women, but it fails to teach those women good manners and not to abuse men physically. The reason why men die at young age is because of stress brought up by the women. Because women wants to use poor men and after get away with it.

If government introduce lessons to educate women and teach them about the consequences of playing and lying to men the country will be safe. The way they warn motorists about drinking and driving, they should do that to women. Cheating and lying will bring trouble to them as well as men, they must not cheat also. We can’t just warn only men and ignore to tell women that what they’re doing is wrong. For the wages of sin is death.

The reality is relationship and dating industry is full of monsters and deceivers. They are proud arrogant men and women who hates the truth, who always deceive others by long smooth and sweet speech.

My Best friend Kelebohile Malete ( Activator and Young Leader) wrote on her WhatsApp status today. ” A good woman can change your day. A praying woman will change your life.” It’s true nowadays women are no longer praying they just go to church to show off their new hairstyle, new dresses, make ups. I wish all women can be like her. Thanks for sharing this Lebo it’s like you knew that I was preparing an article about this topic. God bless you. Sometimes you find that some women gain control over weak men and abuse them by cheating on them.

Thanks for reading this article may God bless you and share it with your family and friends to educate the Nation.


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