All along I was thinking that girls are more matured than boys, but I was wrong until Mohale Lebona. ( Activator,Leader and a Law student at the University of Free State) correct me that, ” girls are not more matured than boys. He think that it’s not true, what it said is girls mature faster than boys, not that they are more matured than boys in general, it’s only that they become faster, quick than boys.” ( Thanks my friend for opening my eyes)

This statement is true, girls reach level of maturity faster than boys, girls knows how to clean and wash their clothes at an early age, while boys did not care much about how to be tide and clean.

According to Daniel Morata, women develop faster so they do not choose a male of their same age, who is less able to protect and provide for them and their potential. In other words there’s huge gap between a 15 year old girl and a 15 year old boy.

” God gave girls fast life than boys, e.g a 35 year old man can marry a 21 year old woman, and this lady will grow older than her husband. I think their lives is too fast.” Daniel Morata

What I have noticed is, girls don’t play like boys also, when girls plays they solve their problems by conversations and negotiations, while boys solve their problems by violence like shooting each other with fake guns and play dead. It’s very rare to hear a girl plays policewoman when playing with other kids, or try to solve her problems by shooting others like boys did. It’s only boys who ought to be soldiers, policemen, rapists, cannibals etc, girls would prefer to be teachers, mothers, caretakers, maids etc.

Nb: Girls solve their problems by conversations and negotiations.
Boys solve their problems by violence and wars.

This is one of the reason why girls mature faster than boys. Girls are taught responsibilities a young age, while boys are running outside shooting each other with toys guns. And most of the time parents ought to kick boys out of the houses and send them to play far away from them going around beating each other with stones. While girls play inside the house and learn to clean and how to cook.

” We taught responsibility at a young age like the house chores… which grooms is into women.” Phumzile ( O girl) Modeme

This taught me that boys are neglected and deneid. Parents should treat boys and girls equally and boys to cook and clean also. If you enter in a boy’s room, you will see much different compared to girl’s room. Parents must stop buying boy toy guns and other violence toys. They must teach them how to be neat and clean at an early age like girls.

Girls brains can develop up to ten years earlier than boys.( Scientists)

Another reason, why do girls mature faster than boys is, they do lot of activities at home, looking after their siblings cooking and cleaning for them. While boys went out to play. Girls have huge responsibilities than boys.

” Because they learn from their parents,and sometimes they take care of their siblings at an early age. And they even look after themselves and besides that, they grow quickly than boys.” says Lerato Motsoko

Girls bodies are different from boys bodies, girls grow quicker than boys, and girls know how to take care of themselves than boys.

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