An Expository Scene




(First scene of the play)

( It’s Sunday evening, when Kgwale arrived at Johannesburg to share a flat with Bafana, it’s his first touch in Joburg.)

Bafana: ( smiling) welcome boy, this is Joburg.

Kgwale: ( smiling also) thanks man, long time not see, how are you doing man?

Bafana: I,m doing great boy, ( they hugged each other and they entered into the flat.) So man what’s up with you, you need a job.

Kgwale: no, I want to go to varsity to study mechanical engineering.

Bafana: ( laughing) ha ha ha, you want to go to varsity to throw your money and damage your mind?

Kgwale:( he is surprised) what do you mean? Education is the key to success and I want to be a great engineer.

Bafana: hey man, don’t be a fool, education is a waist of money and time.

Kgwale: hey man I don’t know what are you talking about, I came here in Jozi to enroll at the University of Johannesburg ( Uj)

Bafana: bona mo wena, don’t be a stupid, education is nothing.

Kgwale: so what must I do now, because I want to be educated and live a better life.

Bafana: tlogela o bari, many people here never went to school and they make good money by selling drugs and weed.

Kgwale: drugs and weed?

Bafana: yeah, and they’re are driving expensive cars and they’re filthy rich.

Kgwale: are you serious?, so you want us to sell that also……

Bafana: yeah, man forget about going to varsity, I have connections.

Kgwale: and then?

Bafana: your parents gives you how much per month?

Kgwale: no no, why do you ask?

Bafana: ( laughing) just tell me, they are beautiful girls outside, and they need money R30 you take her for the whole night.

Kgwale: ( laughing) wow, they give me R1500, so where are the girls, education is nothing compared to beautiful ladies.

Bafana: ( smiling) now you are talking boy, how much do you have now?

Kgwale: I have R1000, let’s go and buy beers and enjoy( they laugh and went out to buy beers)

In your own words can you describe Bafana’s character.

In your own words can you describe Kgwale’s character

Bafana is a stupid friend, as we live we must avoid people like him. He is disobedient to his parents, he is a big liar. He destroyed Kgwale’s future because he failed his. His guidance are wicked to his friend, he is selfish and cruel. His plans it could lead them to jail.

Let’s obey our parents

You will never succeed in life if you don’t obey your parents. As young people we must listen to our parents to reach our goals. Parents are the one who have blessings for us

Thanks for reading and may God bless you and chose right friends


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